Why use Screenlink for your Sky installation or repair?

We are a trusted, Trading Standards Approved, well established Swindon based company of over 25 years, serving a 35 mile radius.

As your experienced local Sky installer, you can be confident in dealing with people who are both professional and knowledgeable in the services we provide, you can be assured that we will live up to any service expectations you have.

We can carry out installation, repair and upgrades of all Sky satellite systems including, broadband, data and telephone connections, along with distribution networks.

Our installations range from typical "standard" type to more  specialised bespoke installations through to large complex residential systems.

We give a fast, efficient service in all aspects of our business, whether it's domestic, commercial, communal or residential, our aim is to give value for money through a very competitive quote that uses high quality materials and workmanship for a reasonable cost.

We pride ourselves on our level of knowledge within the industry , our company ethos is one of continuous investment through training, latest working practices and test procedures using the latest state of the art test equipment, this enables us to provide quality solutions by experienced, qualified IRS, SMATV and MATV systems engineers.

Through our registration with the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) to the highest "PLUS" status, we are committed to quality and service.

Our service vehicles are equipped with the latest safety equipment. Our engineers are fully trained and certified to work at height and of course we are fully insured.

We will respect your property at all times by using the correct access equipment, dust sheets where appropriate and over shoe protectors during wet weather enabling care for your carpets and flooring. We will clear up our own mess and dispose of any waste such as old dishes etc.

Our satellite dish installations come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

For more information regarding our Trading Standards Approval, visit www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk