Freeview is now available to everyone

Freeview is now available to everyone and Since October 2012 is now the only way to receive terrestrial TV broadcasts.

In some areas where you are receiving from a sub transmitter, only the public service multiplexes will be available and therefore you will only receive the BBC and ITV channels including four HD channels. 

Check your aerial

In order to receive reliable Freeview, most people will require a rooftop aerial, virtually all loft aerials will need resiting or upgrading. If you are a tenant or share an aerial with others, check with your landlord first. We can carry out a quality digital aerial installation or upgrade, for a free site survey, please call our service desk on 01793 782221.

You will need a Digital TV or Set Top Box

All TVs now sold are Digital ready, If you have an older Analogue TV, you need a Set Top Box to receive Freeview. If you wish to record any of the digital services you will need a Freeview+, Freeview+HD or Youview receiver. We recommend the Quality Humax range of equipment, for details on products, please see our sales section. We can offer delivery, installation, demonstration and on-site warranty on all our products.