I used to have a VCR, how do I record now?

You will need a Freeview+ receiver or Freeview+HD if you want to record from any of the available HD channels.

These have a built in hard drive which stores your recordings, so no need for video tapes or DVDs, no timer to set either, just select the programme from the in built EPG (Electronic Programme Guide).


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Quality viewing and recording can only be achieved by using quality equipment!

Although we are agents for several leading brands, our recommendation when it comes to Freeview+ and Freeview+HD recorders is Humax, a world leader in digital TV  technology, whether you just wish to view, view one channel while recording another at the same time or even recording 2 channels at the same time while playing something back!, this can all be done using a Humax PVR (Personal Video Recorder)